Getting Sued? Here’s One Very Easy Way to Defend.

A layperson is often at a disadvantage when defending against a debt collection suit filed by an attorney. The debtor as a defendant does not know the “rules of the game” and sometimes takes the advice or direction of court staff (who by the way should not be giving legal advice but often do.)

Talking to clients who have appeared to defend in small claim collection suits in this area (suburban Maryland and DC), I am surprised that many will meekly follow court staff instructions to come back to court on another date — when the collector’s attorney fails to show up or is late! This failing is a perfect opportunity to have the case thrown out!

You have a right to ask the court to proceed on the case. Tell the clerk that you are present and ready for the case to be called. When the case is called, proceed to the podium and ask the court to have the case “dismissed with prejudice.” That very important qualifier — “with prejudice” — means that you are asking the court to dismiss forever.

The plaintiff can ask the court to re-instate the case later, but, for most judges, he will have to have a very good excuse, for example unavoidable illness that came on suddenly, and he will need to ask for that reinstatement very soon after the dismissal, in most cases, within 30 days.

Remember: It’s the plaintiff’s case. He brought it. Not you. You’re present and ready to go forward. If he’s not there, the law is very willing to treat him harshly.

It’s a simple technique, and a very valuable one, to get rid of a lawsuit.

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