Settle for Pennies on the Dollar? Here is one VERY P.O.’d J.K. Harris customer!

Except for the occasional expletive, this poor man’s tale of woe sounds just like the ones I hear all the time from unlucky tax debtors who’d been burned by the mill at J.K. Harris. Below is his text.

“If you’re thinking about using J.K. Harris, my personal opinion (based on experience with them) is run like hell. Go find a local attorney that specializes in tax and can’t hide behind call centers. They took $7500 and would not refund my money even though they had performed very poorly, dragging my case out over a year and ultimately I had to hire another attorney to keep the IRS from exercising their wrath on me. The JK Harris CPA contact that told me he’d be right there with me the whole way did NOT return phone calls. Their boiler room customer service was a nightmare to deal with. Don’t believe me? Look up all the State DA lawsuits against them. Their valuation of my business was a joke and cost me a couple of thousand.”

He pretty much says it all, so I won’t embellish except to add:

  • He most likely did NOT meet with a CPA. People report to me the first contact is a salesman, probably commission-based, and likely to tell you anything to make a sale.
  • Yes, he’s probably right about the matter being handed off to hourly people, and yes, I expect there is high turnover. Given the nature of the operation, anyone with a conscience probably would not last long.
  • Even if they are enrolled agents, which is suspect, they certainly are not attorneys and cannot offer what could be better options to resolve the matter in court.

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