“Too Broke to Go Bankrupt” – A Telling News Item

The emerging trend, according to a recent CNN Money article, is that the economy has tanked to the point people can’t even afford to file for bankruptcy.

Probably true, based on the experience of this law firm. When the crash hit in 2007, the biggest problem was the wave of toxic mortgages re-setting to interest rates, and consequently payments, that shot to absurd amounts. Home owners couldn’t make the payments, so bankruptcy was one way to eliminate the debt and stop the foreclosure long enough to get out of the house and not have to abandon your toothbrush and Fido. This event, in turn, triggered the economic down-turn, the lay-offs and decline in income that bring us to where we are today.

The 2005 “reform” of bankruptcy law has compounded the problem for debtors by requiring more paperwork and thereby increasing costs. Among the most ludicrous requirements is pre-filing debt counseling. Bankruptcy is the last thing debtors want to do. If debt management re-payment plans were a solution, they would be doing them.

The average attorney fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $1,500 (and that is more or less what bankruptcy lawyers charge in DC and MD.) But, says the article, it is expected that between 200,000 and one million consumers will not be able to afford even that.

Our bankruptcy and tax law firm has recognized this reality. That is why we have set up a new program to make legal representation in bankruptcy more affordable to debtors in DC and MD. The initial cost to start is minimal and the monthly payments within reach. In the meantime, you have legal representation, an advisor, and someone to “run interference” (if I may borrow a sports term) with creditors. Take a look: FINANCED BANKRUPTCY℠.

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